The Electronic Man featured at the Giovannini Prize

The Electronic Man will be featured at the 3rd edition of the Giovannini Prize (Premio Giovannini). Organized by Associazione Amici di Media Duemila, the Prize supports initiatives in the area of sustainability and innovative communication. Continue reading

New forms of writing: augmented reality and ubiquitous publishing in Pompei

AOS and MediaDuemila in Pompei together with Derrick de Kerckhove for an event engaging the new forms of writing enabled by ubiquitous technologies and augmented reality Continue reading

the Electronic Man at the Social Media Week art exhibit e-festival

The Electronic Man has been featured and exhibited at the e-festival, the “Festival della Rete” and Social Media Week held in Milan at the Urban Center starting Sept. 19th, in an exhibit curated by Chiara Canali Continue reading

the Electronic Man at the Planetary Collegium, CR12, in Portugal

the Electronic Man, the global performance we created in occasion of Marshal McLuhan’s centennial, has been accepted for presentation at the Consciousness Reframed 12 conference “Presence in the Mindfield”: November 2011, Portugal Continue reading