The Electronic Man

The Electronic Man

Some updates for the Electronic Man global performance

Check out the new interface we created on the Electronic Man website:

We made the site lighter and we’re fully exploiting the possibilities offered by HTML5. We’re also using some Processing.js so feel free to check around the code of the interfaces if you want: there’s somethings you might be interested in.

Participation is wonderful! Everyone seems to be really excited by this experiment and there have been thousands of visits and hundreds of emotional contributions to the body of the Electronic Man.

Check out the website to see the information visualizations showing the situation in real time.

We’re also getting ready for the celebrations of the McLuhan’s Centennial in Rome (see the info of the event HERE). The Electronic Man will be officially presented in that occasion together with all the conference participants:  Gianni Letta, James Fox (Canada’s embassador in Rome), Derrick de Kerckhove, Mario Morcellini, Francesco Passerini Glazel, Gianpiero Gamaleri, Norman Doidge and Philippe Cahen and Maria Pia Rossignaud.

Here below for you the first images of the Electronic Man’s images disseminated across several countries (more will come in the next few days). Remember that you can download the PDF of the Electronic Man’s stickers at this link.

If you stick them out somewhere, please send us your name, a picture (of yourself or of the sticker, or both), a short bio and we’ll add it to the credits for the performance (we’re putting them up on the websites the day before the conference)

And now, below: the Electronic Man all over the world! :)