the Electronic Man, our project focusing on McLuhan‘s theory by the same name and presented in occasion of the celebrations of the centennial of his birth, creates a new sense for human beings by using the possibilities offered by networks and portable digital devices.

the Electronic Man at the e-Festival

the Electronic Man at the e-Festival

Digital interactions (such as interacting with a QRCode sticker in urban environments) are transformed into a body stimulus, instantaneously available to thousands of people all over the world.

This global performance shows in a very simple way a novel possibility for human beings, who are becoming able to adopting new sensorialities with extreme ease and thus becoming sensible to their environment, cities, networks and digital relations in innovative ways, radically modifying their perception of the world, of their relationships with other people and with the ecosystem.

These new possibilities have become truly accessible only in these last few years, and represent an incredible arena for experimentation and research for business, arts, sciences and humanities, fostering new scenarios for knowledge, learning and planetary awareness which have the power to shape our ideas of citizenship and our relation with the social and natural environment.

During the Social Media Week, in its 2011 Milan edition, and the Festival della Rete (Network Festival) the e-festival is taking place (Sept. 2011). Inside the e-festival Chiara Canali is curating an innovative arts exhibit featuring some of the most interesting researches and productions in which networks, and their ability to mutate people’s and societies’ lifecycles, are the main star.

In the exhibit works by Alessandro Brighetti, Mirko Canesi, Umberto Ciceri, Davide Coltro, Daniele Girardi, Vincenzo Marsiglia  and Gabriele Pesci are together with an installation featuring the Electronic Man, in which people will be able to experience the global digital sense that is being created, enacted and experienced by thousands of people worldwide using smartphones and urban interventions.

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