AOS, Art is Open Source, is an international informal network exploring the mutation of human beings with the wide and ubiquitous accessibility and availability of digital technologies and networks.

We move across arts and sciences, using technology, communication, performance, art and design, to instantiate emotional actions and processes that are able to expose the dynamics of our contemporary world.

We do this in academic, artistic, business and activist domains and, actually, we are focused on moving fluidly among each of these spaces.

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Art is Open Source, Human Ecosystems and Ubiquitous Commons at Ars Electronica 2015, exploring the Post City, with a mission in mind: to understand the role of transgression in the city.

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Updates from the Ubiquitous Commons, and from the involvement with smart rurality with the Rural Hub.

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How do we speak about water? How do we relate? What are our worries, joys and expectations about the water in our environment, homes and lives. Come to Venice on August 1st for the Human Ecosystems event at Expo Aquae to find out.

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La Cura, My Open Source Cure for Cancer, has been featured as TED talk of the day. Go check it out! It is a wonderful chance to announce that the book about La Cura is coming out soon, with amazing features. The performance continues. Read more.

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The Third Infoscape refers to the information and knowledge generated through the myriads of micro-histories, through the progressive, emergent and polyphonic sedimentation of the expressions of the daily lives of city dwellers. Read now the english translation of the article appeared in our recent contribution on the book "Digital Media and Human-Machine Interaction"

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AOS and Rutal Hub present "Iperconnessioni Rurali" at Commons Camp 2015: the pamphlet is the attempt to apply the methodological and conceptual Ubiquitous Commons frame to rural contexts

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Salvatore Iaconesi

Salvatore Iaconesi

Salvatore Iaconesi is an interaction designer, robotics engineer, artist, hacker. TED Fellow 2012, Eisenhower Fellow since 2013 and Yale World Fellow 2014.

He currently teaches Interaction Design and cross-media practices at the Faculty of Architecture of the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, at ISIA Design Florence, at the Rome University of Fine Arts and at the IED Design institute.

He produced videogames, artificial intelligences, expert systems dedicated to business and scientific research, entertainment systems, mobile ecosystems, interactive architectures, cross-medial publications, augmented reality systems, and experiences and applications dedicated to providing products, services and practices to human beings all over the world, enabled by technologies, networks and new metaphors of interactions, across cultures and languages.

His artworks and performances have been featured worldwide at festivals and conferences.

Salvatore actively participates to global discussions and actions on the themes of freedoms, new forms of expression and on the future scenarios of our planet from the points of view of energy, environment, multi-cultural societies, gender mutation, sustainability and innovation on both society and business, collaborating with institutions, enterprises and international research groups.

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Oriana Persico

Oriana Persico

Oriana Persico holds a degree in Communication Sciences, is an expert in participatory policies and digital inclusion. She is an artist and writer.

She has worked together with national governments and the European Union to the creation of best practices, standards and researches in the areas of digital rights, social and technological innovation, Digital Business Ecosystems (DBE), practices for participation and knowledge sharing.

Oriana writes critical, scientific, philosophical and poetical texts that connects to technological innovation, and on its cultural, sociological, economic and political impacts.

She is an expert on the formal analysis of cultural and social trends, with specific focus on social networks.

She creates breakthruogh communication campaigns, performances, research methodologies and strategies.

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