AOS will be at Festival delle Baite Filosofiche in Lecco, from July 29th to August 1st, for an intensive – yet relaxed – discussion starting from many of the concepts of our beloved (and, sadly, recently disappeared) Bernard Stiegler

Here is some info in the “save the date” brochure:

Nuovo Abitare at Baite Filosofiche
Nuovo Abitare at Baite Filosofiche

We will have the pleasure and the honor of speaking with wonderful researchers such as Sara Baranzoni, Paolo Vignola, Alberto Magnaghi, Anna Marson, Giuseppe Longo, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Pierattilio Superti, Daniela Angelucci, Maël Montevil, Federica Timeto, Giambattista Bufalino, Antoinette Rouvroy, Maurizio Carta, Giacomo Gilmozzi, Alberto Magnaghi, Francesco Vitale, Mitra Azar.

We will speak in 3 panels, and we will deal with the concept of Nuovo Abitare, the contemporary condition of human beings, in which data and computation are part of nature, society, psychology, bodies, and from data and computation depend so many of our rights, freedoms, capacity to understand the world we live in. We will talk about “Nuove Cosmologie” (new cosmologies), Queer Data, Queer AI, Community AI, and of the Rituals of Nuovo Abitare.

More information HERE.