Neo. Rural. Futures.

The publication is out:

SpeculativeEdu is one of the EU projects which we are participating to, together with Universities and research centers.

Just a few days ago, we had an interview featured on the project’s website.

Today it’s time for the publication about the summer school we organized for the project in Rome, almost one year ago.

The theme is Speculative Design: how can you design future scenarios that are not only technically possible, but also desirable, preferrable, sustainable and just?

In this case, we deal with Speculative Design as applied to Rurality.

In the 100+ pages of the report we will show how we transformed a Near Future Design workshop into an actual Near Future Design project, because this is exactly what happened: we took a scenario from a possible future and we materialized it there, atop a terrace in the San Lorenzo neighbourood in Rome, exploring how the boundaries between rural and urban evolve and transform in this digital age.

We have also used the workshop to address on the field some of the recurrent critiques that are moved to Speculative Design practices: you will find some info about that, too, in the publication.