Starting on August 21 2020 in Trieste, AOS will be at the “ARTSITIC TECHNOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS” collective exhibit at the Museo d’Arte Moderna U. Carà, in Muggia, organized and promoted by Gruppo78.

Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico will show Data Meditations, the first initiative of they newly-reinvented Art/Science/Technology research center, HER: She Loves Data.

The exhibit will show the outcomes of the first instance of this new data ritual, which took place at the Hackers & Designers Academy 2020, in Amsterdam, under the form of an installation: a sample data-meditative experience, two information visualizations and a series of speculative design scenarios about the ways in which these rituals could enter our daily lives in the near future.

“What can we learn about ourselves through the data we generate every day? How can we use them to augment our awareness and understandings about self, society and the environment?
Dring 5 days a small, international, multicultural community has collected data about their lives to experiment a neo-ritual: Data Meditation, a daily ritual through data.
How can data and computation move from being extractive processes to being autobiographical, expressive ones, in which we choose how to represent ourselves?”

The exhibit features international artists such as Stelarc, Ken Rinaldo, Gruppo78, Eve Sussman, Lucia Flego, Guillermo Giampietro, Cecilia Donaggio Luzzatto Fegiz, Max Jurcev, Betta Porro, Elisa Zurlo, Paola Pisani, Bogdan Soban, Sara Alzetta, Marko Vivoda, Karslo Hmeljak, Luka Frelih, Mattia Piani, Sacha Safretti, Aaron De Francheschi, Stefano D’Angelo, Alberto Novello, Laser Drawing, Kaartik, Sadam Fujioka, Marko Vivoda, Karslo Hmeljak, Luka Frelih.

Salvatore and Oriana will also be featured in a web-talk on August 31st at 7pm.

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