How to make a ubiquitous soundscape using augmented reality: Read/Write Reality, Ubiquitous Sound at Youbiquity!

AOS will be in Macerata at the Youbiquity Festival for a workshop in which we will understand how to create an ubiquitous soundscape and installation, to create an immersive geography of sound Continue reading

AOS and FakePress Publishing: a showcase at The Others, Turin, with, an innovative service for self publishing of artist books, invited Art is Open Source and FakePress Publishing to The Others, for Turin’s art week, to present a showcase of their breakthrough publications using augmented reality, ubiquitous technologies and new approaches to the city Continue reading

Microcucina with the Fooders at Streamfest 2011

AOS and FakePress join the Mighty Fooders at the StreamFest 2011 to create Microcucina, an augmented reality micro-kitchen that is also a really condensed festival in itself Continue reading

the Next step of publishing at the Salone del Libro in Turin

FakePress and REFF will be at the Salone del Libro in Turin to discuss the next step of publishing: from augmented reality to ubiquitous media and innovative cross media Continue reading

AOS and FakePress at Design+, Rome: special FX and next step publishing

AOS and FakePress will be in Rome at Roma Design+. The event will be centered of special effects (FX) and will feature the best examples of design and technologies in the field. We will present Connecticity, De_Face and two groups of our best students! Continue reading