AOS and FakePress Publishing have been invited by to perform a showcase of our projects in which the idea of “publishing” mutates through the use of technologies such as augmented reality and ubiquitous devices and networks, in a process of reconsideration of the ways in which human beings perceive their cities and spaces, and the ways in which they live, work, entertain themselves, relate to each other and perceive their bodies and identities.

We will present some of the most recent and interesting projects by FakePress Publishing, featuring disseminated books, global publications, ubiquitous conversations and literary works in which thousands of authors contribute in real time from all over the planet.

The presentation will take place at “The Others” art fair, during Turin’s art week, on February 4th at 10pm (but please check on the Fair’s website for updated information on location and times) is an innovative service dedicated to the innovation of the possibilities for artists, galleries, institutions and other organizations to produce high quality art books.