Roma Design+ logo

Roma Design+ logo

AOS and FakePress will be in Rome at Design+, possibly the most interesting design event in Italy’s capital.

With a rich program featuring experts, designers, architects and artists from the international worlds of cinema, design and technology, Roma Design+ will host a series of interesting installations, exhibitions and conferences on the world of special effects.

Here is the complete program for Roma Design+

AOS and FakePress will participate with two projects:


Connecticity is the design for an urban screen that enacts communication practices in the textures of the metropolis. Realtime communication across social networks, instant messaging and cross media systems featuring mobile applications, sensor networks and masses of data about the city analyzed in real time tell the story of the city itself, of its inhabitants, of their lives and activities, of its environment: en emergent, disseminated, ubiquitous story that evolves with the city and its life.

Created for the Festa dell’Architettura in Rome, the software and hardware platforms at the base of Connecticity have evolved over time becoming a true immaterial architecture, creating fluid interstitial dimensions of architectural space in which hybrid, realtime communications take place between citizens and the city itself, transforming its surfaces into a new, communicative, skin.


De_Face is a simple game: pass in front of it and a face recognition identifies your face and replaces it with the face of a famous actor. A fun game of mixed identities, and a critical observation of our hyper-controlled society.


We are also very proud to be in the event, as two groups of our best students will be joining in the exhibit!

And so, welcome Federica Lastrucci, Paola Meloni and Anrea Ettorre, with their Cinex Project: a holophonic, immersive cinema in which people are actually able to move and experience full immersivity.

And welcome to Alessandro Suraci and Marta Passarelli with their virtual mannenquins, using projection mapping to create exciting effects including special FX and the reenactment of famous costumes from science fiction and other movies, and with their animated video environments and scenography.

be there!