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This section is somewhat obsolete, as it is not being really maintained anymore. You can find links and references to software projects which we have done in the past. Our current software productions are currently on ourRepository on GitHub.

iPhone / iPad / Android


the Electronic Man

a Global body created for McLuhan’s Centennial

the Electronic Manthe Electronic Man


The Electronic Man produces a connective global body in a realtime performance that takes place simultaneously all over the world.

The Electronic Man Stickers have been placed all over the world by internet users (internet is coming out of monitors, lately, and into the streets). Each sticker has a QRCode and connects people to thebody of the Electronic Man.

When someone scans the QRCode on the sticker(for example using a smartphone), the body of the Electronic Man gets stimulated:

  • the person is asked to choose a word that will ble correlated with the geographical place in which the sticker is located;
  • the person is asked if he/she wishes todownload a smartphone application that will connect his device in realtime with the body of the Electronic Man;
  • everyone’s smartphone that is connected to the body of the Electronic Man through the application, instantly vibrates;
  • these people’s bodies will be, thus, physically stimulated by this vibration, directly connected to the place in which the sticker is placed, therefore producing a globally disseminated sensibility, an additional global digital sense for our body.


The Electronic Man Website

On Art is Open Source

On McLuhan’s Centennial

Download iPhone/iPad app from the App Store



Sonoria 2

Sonoria 2 icon

Sonoria 2 icon

an intense experience.

Tap your fingers, move them on the screen, tap patterns and massive sweeps: you will see the screen furiously animating with colour and forms, and the sounds will shape accordingly, bringing you to far away places, from the depths of industrial nightmares, to the weird noises of outer space.

Fully multitouch enabled. works beautifully on both iPhone and iPad.






SONORIA for iPhone icon

SONORIA is a sound toy for iPhone and iPad.
It is a part of an upcoming series of musical toys which can be used for fun or for artistic performances.
SONORIA is particularly oriented towards noise, suggestive, deep musical soundscapes.
Touch the screen to produce sounds.
Combine touch with phone rotation to change panning and other sound parameters.

SONORIA on the App Store




Nuclear Anxiety

Nuclear Anxiety

A realtime discussion on Nuclear Energy.
After the recent Fukushima disaster, the world is starting a global discussion on nuclear energy and the future energetic scenarios for humanity. Lot of the discussion takes place online. Watch it in realtime with Nuclear Anxiety.

Nuclear Anxiety on the App Store

Nuclear Anxiety on AOS





Zones granular synthesis on the iPhone

Relax with a soothing interaction with zone’s musical automas.
Each automa creates a stream of sounds that can be heard when they interact with each other.
Touch your screen multiple times to create 2 or more musical automas, drag them around to make them interact with each other, quickly touch them 2 times to erase them.
You are ready for a soothing experience, while the automas generate their soft voices.

Zones on the App Store

Zones on Art is Open Source

the Zones home page



REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory

REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory

RomaEuropa FakeFactory (REFF)  is the digital version of an exciting publishing initiative: the creation of a true enhanced book that lives on paper, online and, now, on your iPhone and iPad.
REFF book  is an application through which you can:

  • read the digital version of the book (in the “Book” section of the app)
  • view/hear the images, videos, 3D objects, sounds and interactive experiences found/linked in the book, and some additional ones available only on the app (in the “Media” section of the app)
  • interact directly with the paper version on the book, using QRCodes and fiducial markers (in the “Vision” section of the app)
  • browse the contents of the book geographically, seeing the places, cities and locations mentioned in the text (in the “Map” section of the app)
  • read a real-time magazine that is generated each day by searching the web for the most interesting freely accessible articles on the themes of the book (in the “Magazine” section of the app).

The book features outstanding content from famous and less-famous artists, writers, academics, communicators, marketing gurus, such as Bruce Sterling (who made the preface to the book), the Yes Men and loads more.
The application uses your current location to configure the visualization of the geographical content: no information about you is stored or transferred in any way.
The application does not store, use or distribute any information about you or your mobile phone.
The content in the book (and application) is produced by FakePress Publishing and published on paper by FakePress Publishing together with DeriveApprodi Editore (in Italy).

REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory for iPhone on the App Store

REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory for iPad on the App Store

REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory home page

REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory on Art is Open Source




WordPress plugins




MACME is a WordPress plugin that allow transforming a website into a cross-media publishing system.Through the plugin any WordPress managed website can be turned into a powerful tool usable to publish digital content and information in the following formats:

  • web
  • mobile web
  • PDF
  • ePub
  • XHTML (optimized for importing into desktop publishing environments such as Adobe InDesign)
  • HTML5, CSS3

MACME provides automatic and manually configurable features that can be used to adapt content into formats which are usable on the different platforms. As an example, a video which might be hosted as an embedded element on one of our web pages will be automatically transformed into a QRCode in the PDF and ePub version, thus opening up the cross-media scenarios which radically transform the fruition of books and other forms of publication.

As an additional feature, MACME allows using advanced forms of content, such as live or realtime datasets and location based information.

MACME on WordPress

MACME on GitHub

MACME specifications (v1.1)

A Tutorial on how to install MACME

MACME on Art is Open Source







Knowners is a semantic visualization plugin, produced by FakePress and Art is Open Source. It is meant as a large-scale part of your wordpress interaface, where you can host a beautiful interactive graph that shows the semantic structure of your blog. Full HTML5 and Canvas support. Interaction.

Knowners on WordPress

Knowners on Art is Open Source