From the 3rd to the 6th of July, the city of Bologna, with art*science will become a center for the international discussion on the opportunities and scenarios for collaboration between arts, sciences and technologies. It will also be one of the locations of the 50th anniversary of Leonardo.

AOS will take part in the impressive selection of things that will happen during those days, with two actions: Kernos, a collaborative map of the collaboration between arts and sciences in the Mediterranean; and Accelerator a performance for arts and language, exploring how the results, discoveries and innovations of science modify our everyday language.




As described in the project’s websiteKernos is a map of the human and relational geographies of arts and sciences in the Mediterranean.

Kernos is a map of the subjects, locations, themes and relations of the arts and sciences in the Mediterranean rim.

It is created by practitioners in the arts and sciences, to start a participative reflection around the essence, meaning and values, patterns and differences in the arts and sciences across the Mediterranean, and to understand the possible, positive and constructive implications which derive from being able to reflect, to broaden the field of vision.

At art*science in Bologna we will present the features of the system, the development and collaboration roadmap and we will launch an open call for participation.




Accelerator is an art performance which uses data, information visualization and generative visuals and sounds as its medium.

Accelerator establishes a poetic, emergent parallel between particle accelerators and the transformation of human communities around the globe due to the progress of sciences, technologies and of the planetary conversations which are triggered from them.

In the Age of Information, human beings experience flows of recombinant information in which “official” sources and peer-conversations interweave in the emergent creation of knowledge and awareness: languages form, relationships fall into place, words become commonplace. Conversations produce knowledge, in a planetary process which radically changes how people learn, work, relate, express, consume.

While fundamental science researches on how matter, space and time work, people’s visions, imaginaries and languages transform, expanding cultures and sense of possibility.

While particles are observed in accelerators their effects escape research labs, accelerating the transformation of people’s perception of their Universe.

People become particles in a planetary accelerator, receiving stimuli and signals (information about the results of fundamental science), moving (thinking and communicating), colliding (discussing) and transforming into other entities (transforming cultures, forms of awareness and visions for their future).

Accelerator is about this process.

A performative information visualization with generative visuals and sounds becomes a concert for data and language.

The timeline of Science since 2000 becomes a musical and visual score: the words of science from each year, and the global discussion which they raised (as captured in data generated from news, social networks and websites) become the parameters which generate visuals and sounds.

The concert of science, society and its acceleration.


Accelerator and Kernos are by Art is Open Source and Human Ecosystems Relazioni, and are supported by Noema, CRASH and La Comunicazione Diffusa.

See you in Bologna!