Sometime ago we submitted our Accelerator project to Collide@CERN

This is the presentation video:

This is the project description:

Acceleratorestablishes a poetic, emergent parallel between the particle accelerator and the transformation of human communities around the globe due to the progress of sciences, technologies and of the planetary conversations which are triggered from them.

In the Age of Information, human beings experience flows of recombinant information in which “official” sources and peer-conversations interweave in the emergent creation of knowledge and awareness: languages form, relationships fall into place, words become commonplace. Conversations produce knowledge, in a planetary process which radically changes how people learn, work, relate, express, consume.

While fundamental science researches on how matter, space and time work, people’s visions, imaginaries and languages transform, expanding cultures and sense of possibility.

While particles are observed in accelerators their effects escape research labs, accelerating the transformation of people’s perception of their Universe.

People become particles in a planetary accelerator, receiving stimuli and signals (information about the results of fundamental science), moving (thinking and communicating), colliding (discussing) and transforming into other entities (transforming cultures, forms of awareness and visions for their future).

Accelerator is about this process.

A real-time info-aesthetic visualization in which a timeline of the news of the “things” which happen at CERN is compared to the emergence of words, conversations, debates, jokes, images and videos on social networks, all over the planet, across languages and cultures.

A “Human Accelerator” of the Information Age, a landmark accessible from the web and smartphones, and through a large-scale visualization to be placed at CERN, Ars Electronica and selected locations across the planet, to create planetary awareness about the transformation of human beings – and of their languages, visions, desires and perspectives – towards a new perception of possibility.

Accelerator @ Collide

Accelerator @ Collide