After the RWR adventure in Cava de’ Tirreni, Ubiquitous Publishing arrives in the schools of Pompei.

Ubiquitous Publishing in Pompei

Ubiquitous Publishing in Pompei

Together with the project “McLuhan Meets Pompei“, promoted by the Associazione Amici di Media Duemila ONLUS in collaboration with the City Council for Communication and Technological Innovation of the City of Pompei, the FakePress and Art is Open Source teams have started their education program on augmented reality in two high schools in the city of Pompei (Liceo Scientifico Pascal and Istituto Bartolo Longo).

On November 11th and 12th 2011 two workshops engaged around 100 students on the theme of Ubiquitous Publishing: the possibility to tell new stories and invent new narratives using technologies which allow us to transform any body, architecture, objects and entire cities into spaces for publication.

The workshops were based on the experience of novel practices.

The MACME and NeoReality platforms produced by FakePress have been used to create cross media content, QRCodes and Augmented Reality content, together with students: every one of them will benefit from the availability of a dedicated platform, Ubiquitous Pompei, which will remain at their disposal to enact collaborative processes between students, professors and the city administration.

The workshops ended with a call for action: students were invited to imagine their own version of the “augmented city.

In a public ceremony on December 14th the institutions will evaluate the proposals and give students a certificate documenting their participation to the project.

Will students be the authors of the digital strategy for the city of Pompei?


Presentation slides: