Art is Open Source and FakePress Publishing have been invited to perform a series of lessons at the Master in Public and Institutional Communication (Publi.Com) at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Our lessons will revolve around the concepts of Augmented Reality and Ubiquitous Publishing.

This is a really important event for us, as we consider the theme of the Master Course to be very delicate and a really interesting space for innovation.

We have been exploring the opportunities offered by Ubiquitous Publishing and Augmented Reality for a while now, and we definitely feel that the advanced approaches they suggest in the process of designing spaces and processes in ways which suggest more aware, conscious, ethical, participatory scenarios constitute a wonderful opportunity for innovation for enterprises and institutions.

During our lessons we will both approach the theoretical and methodological approaches to Ubiquitous Publishing and Augmented Reality, and we will embrace an end-to-end process with students, in the creation of an ubiquitous communication campaign.

This is, in extreme synthesis, the main outline of the lesson/workshop:

  • Augmenting Reality: AR and Ubiquitous Publishing
    • Possible definitions of Augmented Reality and Ubiquitous Publishing
    • Vision and imagination
    • Interesting approaches coming from philosophy, anthropology, ethnography, communication, engineering
  • Opportunities
    • Technical and methodological opportunities offered by AR and Ubiquitous Publishing
      • accessibility
      • knowledge/learning
      • multicultural approaches
      • natural interaction
      • ubiquity
      • realtime
      • just-in-time/just-in-space
      • user-generated-search-engines
      • stratified spaces
    • Poetic ¬†opportunities offered by AR and Ubiquitous Publishing
      • examples
      • philosophy, aesthetics, poetics, arts
    • Operative opportunities offered by AR and Ubiquitous Publishing
      • learning/knowledge
      • science/research
      • multidisciplinary approaches
      • design
      • architecture
      • public space
      • administrations
      • communication
      • commerce
      • entertainment
      • tourism
      • culture
  • Scenarios
    • imagination, breakthroughs, innovation
    • state of the art, tools, technologies, products, techniques (benchmarking)
    • strategies to design AR and Ubiquitous Publishing experiences and service ecosystems: typologies; integrated design with other media;
  • Methodology
    • methodological approaches to design AR and Ubiquitous publishing initiatives
    • “augmented” design of public space
    • establishing bridges from public physical to digital
    • cross-media integration with other forms of communication and with enterprise processes
    • from books/magazines to ¬†augmented, ubiquitous publishing
    • notions of gamification techniques
    • using reality as a platform for communication
  • Laboratory
    • Introduction to the MACME and NeoReality platforms
    • end-to-end design and implementation of a simple cross media communication campaign featuring Augmented Reality and Ubiquitous Publishing processes
  • Space for discussion