The Casoria Contemporary Arts Museum hosted an exhibit and performance of REFF, RomaEuropa FakeFactory.
On show were the Augmented Reality Drug used by the REFF fake institution to promote a worldwide wave of reality reinvention for students, artists, cultural operators, activists and performers, the REFF map which shows all the events happening in the fake institution and all the works of the artists, architects, designers, hackers, activists and performers participating to REFF.
Doctor AR, the fake institution’s augmented holistic health expert, explained to an audience in a state of beautiful amazement the benefits coming from the reinvention of reality through critical practices of worldwide, ubiquitous remix, mashup, re-enactment, plagiarism, turning the whole planet into an art performance.
The day at the Casoria Contemporary Arts Museum featured international projects such as Magmart Video Under Volcano, TOXIC Japanese Videoart, Focus Revolution and Glances Around Dump.

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Casoria Contemporary Arts Museum