Updates on VersuS, the realtime lives of cities

For all you realtime data lovers, a short update on the VersuS project.

Valentina Tanni has just prepared an article about artworks using the possibility to listen to emotional expressions on social networks (in the specifics, love), mentioning VersuS among the examples.

Click here to read Valentina’s article titled “Mappare l’amore” (Mapping love) on Artribune.

And VersuS has been featured on the italian edition of Wired magazine with a short highlight of our installation at the Share Festival 2012.

VersuS on Wired Italia

VersuS on Wired Italia

So you might want to check them out and keep on following the VersuS project, also in its next steps: the conference at NEXA Center in Turin on December 14th and on the new ConnectiCity website.

Happy realtime cities to you all :)




NeoReality – publishing ubiquo e nuove percezioni dello spazio/tempo/identità

An article titled “NeoReality, ubiquitous publishing and new perceptions of space/time/identity” has ben published on the Rivista di Scienze Sociali.

This article starts from the analysis of our recent project VersuS/ConnectiCity, in its declinations for the realtime analysis of the emotional lives of cities and for the observation of the realtime digital communications exchanged on social networks during the protest of October 15th in Rome.

This is the translated abstract of the paper:

“On OCtober 15th in Rome the large protest stimulated by the Spanish Indignados and by the Occupy Wall Street movement took place along several different planes, traversing the city in different ways.

The analysis of the activity on social networks in the time/space of the protest shows with extreme clarity a continuous mutual penetration between digital and analog worlds, pushing us to hypothesize the possibility of a liquid, mutating fusion of the two dimensions, defining a new city in which the worlds of molecules and bits merge and flow together.

This observation becomes the opportunity to redefine the concept of publishing, transforming it into a domain which is able to traverse arts and sciences in the creation of knowledge, educatio, culture, information and awareness processes focused onto the enactment of concepts such as ubiquity, multiplicity and emergency.”

The project will be presented on Thursday November 3rd 2011 (at 12:00) in Turin, at the Fablab Italia in occasion of the Share Festival. (at Stazione Futuro, via Castelfidardo 22, Turin, Italy)

VersuS / ConnectiCity

VersuS / ConnectiCity

VersuS: love vs turin, visualizing the realtime lives of cities

VersuS: love vs turin, visualizing the realtime lives of cities from salvatore iaconesi on Vimeo.

How do people express their emotions on social networks?

Information has become ubiquitously accessible, thus transforming our perception of cities and of the ways we work, learn, communicate and relate to other people.

VersuS analyzes the digital lives of cities to suggest a scenario in which digital and analog realities interweave and become one.

By performing realtime content harvesting on social networks we are able to perform natural language analyses on the conversations running between users, to peek into their emotions, wishes, expectations and desires.

We can make this information available and accessible using information visualizations, mobile applications and generative design artifacts, thus creating the tools which enable the creation of a new form of public space which merges the digital and analog lives of people, transforming them into active agents in a new idea of citizenship, enabling novel forms of expression and representation.

In “love VS turin”, we focus on an emotional approach, visualizing the expressions of love and passion of the citizens of the city of Turin, in a realtime collective conversation.

The visualization is put side by side with 3D objects produced using various digital fabrication techniques, and which represent a tangible representation of the emotional condition of the whole territory of the city of Turin.

“Love” can be replaced with other emotions, thus enabling scenarios of focal importance for ecology, public administrations, security, economy and the overall possibility to evaluate the wellness of the people on a certain territory.

VersuS is designed as an evocative tool for people, institutions and organizations, fostering the creation of new, positive, imaginaries for the future of our lives and our relation with the planet and with our fellow human beings.

VersuS is a concept by Art is Open Source and FakePress Publishing, and it is part of the ConnectiCity initiative.



It has been created together with the Fablab Italia and with the Piemonte Share Festival, in a transdisciplinary process in which arts and sciences collaborate to the creation of innovative, breakthrough, scenarios.

VersuS will be officially presented at the 2011 edition of the Piemonte Share Festival together with the Fablab Italia.

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