Talkers Performance

A latex cyborg suit is created to connect a dancer’s body to the interaction of the live and internet audience.

All of the dancer’s senses are replaced by user-generated ones, and all of the sensations and movement of her body are used as sound and video feedback to the live environment and to the web interfaces.

A body transformed into an user-operated audio/visual instrument, to explore the concepts of identity, of perception and of the role of the audience in art.


Talkers Performance

Talkers Performance












Talkers Performance

Talkers Performance

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Talkers Performance

Talkers Performance


Talker is a linguistic artificial intelligence. Two processes animate it.

One, automatic, harvests each day some content from random webites.

The other one uses the texts provided by web users, who can upload it through the interface.

All the collected text is used to synthesize the linguistic mind of the Talker. Through sequences, relations, similarities, language is turned into a multidimensional crystal into the database of the program. The crystal is then used to produce the language shown on the interface.

Talker talks a language which is not human, but that is generated by the human collectivity visiting and interacting with it.

talk with the Talker at:

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