Talker is a linguistic artificial intelligence. Two processes animate it.

One, automatic, harvests each day some content from random webites.

The other one uses the texts provided by web users, who can upload it through the interface.

All the collected text is used to synthesize the linguistic mind of the Talker. Through sequences, relations, similarities, language is turned into a multidimensional crystal into the database of the program. The crystal is then used to produce the language shown on the interface.

Talker talks a language which is not human, but that is generated by the human collectivity visiting and interacting with it.

We talk and talk and talk.
and we keep on saying the same things.

write them down here.

your stream of thoughts will shape
the stream of thought of the


TalkerS captures the texts loaded by its visitors.

The texts become the Talker’s knowledge.

Sequences of sentences and words are used
to form the linguistic network which is used
by the Talker to speak.

The paths become interwoven, creating crystal
like structures of language and frequency.

Everyone can contribute content to the Talker’s
mind. No filtering is enabled.

If used, the Talker will become an expression of
the collective mind of its users, talking using their
words and their linguistic structures,
finding common denominators, and exposing differences.