First shown in 2012 at the MACRO museum in Rome, this.astro and Come in Cielo Così in Terra are an installation and a workshop created in occasion of the Global Astronomy Month.

Both the installation and the workshop invert the direction of the axis running from earth into space, to the stars.

Horoscopes, oracles, astrology, have brought the life of the stars into our lives, establishing relations between the destinies of the universe and those of human beings.

We chose to reverse this radically top-down approach, to investigate on the bottom-up philosophy which is central to our contemporary years: enabled by the ubiquitous accessibility of digital technologies and networks, the destiny of human beings seems to progressively interconnect to our possibility to establish collaborative relationships and peer-2-peer dynamics.

THIS.ASTRO generates a star-filled sky in real time: each star is an interaction on social networks; stars join together to form evolving constellations, according to the ways in which people take part in discussions online. A peculiar User-Generated Horoscope in which the destiny of human beings (e.g.: the shapes and positions of constellations) is determined by the ways in which people collaborate.

this.astro on AOS

this.astro and Come in Cielo Così in Terra, report and tutorial: how to make location-based apps
this.astro and Come in Cielo Così in Terra at MACRO museum in Rome for the Global Astronomy Month