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FakePress is an international “think-tank”, founded in Italy, that investigates, develops and creates new publishing models and editorial projects presented by new scenarios in technology, productivity and contemporary culture.

Models of freely disseminated knowledge, multi-author, ethnographic approaches, the availability of ubiquitous technologies and the possibilities to add layers of information to ordinary reality and create new forms of experience and relationships with places, in a continually opening process of reinvention of the present are the principal elements which inspire action and creation at FakePress.

Observing the contemporary situation of current publishing models, FakePress has outlined realistic and practical/feasible scenarios for the present and near future of publishing.

FakePress Stories

FakePress Stories

What we publish for

FakePress produces hybrid media that detaches and rearticulates the traditional book form through bodies, cities, buildings and objects using mobile technologies, location-based platforms, natural interfaces and social media./ FakePress produces mixed-media, multi-author, open-ended publications that leverage several technologies to reconceptualize current narrative forms, books, and other editorial products. SPIMEs, mobile and location based technologies, sensors, artificial intelligence and natural interfaces are used to create dislocated, time-warped, multi-perspective, pervasive and ubiquitous narratives with a possibilistic approach and an ethnographic methodology that is centered on experiencial, relational and emotional domains.

Through its projects, research and technologies, FakePress is exploring new spaces for Ubiquitous Publishing:

[Location based media, geographic narratives, ubiquitous contents]

[Interactive environments, augmented reality, immersive narratives]

[Wearable narratives, Gestural interactions, natural interfaces]

[Spimes, interstitial tales, micro narratives, object-centered social networks]

In this new space for publishing – symbolic, interactive, and ubiquitously present – the interstices between narratives, politics, economies, science, information and entertainment come alive through the telling of polyphonic, multi-author, open-ended, distributed and emergent stories.

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