Ubiquitous Publishing for the city. ConnectiCity is a series of experiments in which ubiquitous publishing techniques create new layers of the city, adding to the experience and transforming its perception and understanding.

The ConnectiCity family of projects transforms our perception of cities by adding using ubiquitous publishing techniques to add new digital layers of information and interaction to urban spaces, mutating our perception of reality.

The objective is to enact new ways in which the visions, desires and emotions of people can be ubiquitously represented and made accessible in cities, redefining urban spaces, the idea of citizenship and the possibility to collaboratively plan and design public space.

Launched for the first time in Rome, at the Festa dell’Architettura organized by the city administration and the Order of the Architects under the form of the “Atlante di Roma”, ConnectiCity has been implemented in multiple versions, using urban screens, ubiquitous technologies, natural interaction schemes, information aesthetics and urban sensing platforms.

Interface of the new ConnectiCity website

Interface of the new ConnectiCity website

ConnectiCity on AOS

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Atlante di Roma / Atlas of Rome
Atlas of Rome @ Festa dell'Architettura, Index Urbis, Rome
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