Read Write Reality, the book, vol. 1

Read Write Reality

Read Write Reality

The Read/Write Reality book, volume 1. This book is one of the outcomes of the Read/Write Reality workshops.

Read/Write Reality, a journey into the ways in which ubiquitous technologies can mutate the ways in which we perceive and live cities and urban spaces. This first volume leads you through the process of building an Augmented Reality movie, designing the spaces of your city and creating a multi-perspective narrative, including multimedia and realtime content coming from social networks to populate urban spaces with emergent narratives. Theory and critical approaches are interweaved with tutorials and technical how-tos throughout the book. Theory sets the mood to develop applications with a critical approach and which are radically able to change the way we imagine our cities. A book for designers, artists, architects, hackers, communicators, ethnographers and developers wishing to expand their perspectives on ubiquitous publishing.

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