La Cura, the book

La Cura, the collaborative biopolitical performance which has touched all continents when Salvatore Iaconesi opened up his cancer to the world has become a book.

La Cura, il Libro

Published in Italy for Codice Edizioni (soon to come in other countries) is a story, a trans-disciplinary research and a toolkit.

The story is the story of the performance, told from two points of view: Salvatore’s and Oriana’s.

The research confronts with the issues which emerge from the story.

What is hyperconnectivity? Why does it make sense to speak about “interface politics”? What is “data biopolitics”? How does power transform in the age of algorithms? What are peer-to-peer models and how can we use them? What can we do with BigData? And much more.

A useful instrument to navigate the conflicts and the opportunities of the network society with which we interact everyday.

The toolkit allows to continue the performance, generating an open knowledge ecosystem to create open source cures, not only for cancer: the book contains the frame of workshops whose materials are on GitHub and, thus, can be used, modified, expanded, forked in other directions, merged to obtain yet more knowledge.

The Cure has just begun.

La Cura, book cover

La Cura, book cover

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