i am


i am really interested in the exploration of new territories.

The world we live in is completely coded: corporations, governments, energy and service providers have created a situation in which every part of our cities, and any instant of our time, are coded. This has been true for a while in our urban environments where spaces strictly adhere to codes according to which some of them are “to work”, some are “to consume”, some are “to entertain”… And this is becoming true also for the digital/immaterial spaces on Internet, in which our time and attention are becoming commodities that are the objext of economic exchange: our free time and our perceptions are the next commodity.

I truly believe that innovation and social evolution can only come out by emergent practices that do not obey to this logic by working in-between the codes, by acting in the interstices found between the coded spaces of our cities, the times that we dedicate to work or consumism, the practices that we enact in our homes, offices and public spaces.

Technologies offer powerful tools for this kind of practice, that is similar, in more than one way, to what is called squatting: reclaiming spaces starting from the ones that have been forgot, excluded, left unformalized.

Information systems, distributed computing, peer to peer networks, cryptography, steganography, software, are all tools that can be used to create new immaterial spaces and bodies.

Augmented reality, wearable computing, location based technologies, ubiquitous communications, pervasive media and interactive architectures are all tools that can be used to colonize physical spaces and bodies, turning them into something new and emergent.

These practices, the squatting of material and immaterial spaces and the emergence of new codes, can bear incredible opportunities that go well beyond the state of constant ecosystematic crisis in which the world lies. Creating autonomous communication, information, relation and education spaces, hybrid economies that are sustainable and accessible, promote and sustain cultural development.

For existence, expression, emotion and action.

i work as an artist and as a freelance professional in the areas of technological innovation to promote these issues and to produce artworks, systems, wearable technologies, electronic devices, ubiquitous technologies, interactive architectures.

i have worked inside squats, associations and organizations, and also with institutions, multinationals and venture capitalists in various parts of the world.

i teach with varying levels of intensity in universities and academies (currently: “Multi Device Design”, at ISIA Florence, “Interaction Design” at Rome University of Fine Arts, and “Experimental Technologies and Multimedia Communication”, at the Faculty of Architecture,¬† at the Universit√† di Roma “La Sapienza”)

i constantly write in science and art journals and publications. (you can find the accounts here on this website)

i participate to conference and congresses worldwide.

i act.

xdxd.vs.xdxd [at] gmail [dot] com