here on these pages you can see what i’m up to.

and you can see where else you can look for things i make, things i like, places i’ve been to, people i encounter for various reasons.

you can look at [ NeRVi ] – NeoRealismo Virtuale

or at our new publishing house FakePress

or at the RomaEuropaFakeFactory our detoruned competition

or you might like to have a chat with Angel_F, our digital child, son of Derrick de Kerckhove and the Bidoll

and over at [ ByB ] – Be Your Browser
to see some of the other things I do.

i sometimes make videos of what i do, and i put them [ here on YouTube ] [ or here on YouTube ] [ or here on Vimeo ]

other times i shoot some pictures [ flickr ]

or i bother people with lots of talking [ on Rhizome.org ] [ on AHA ] [ on nettime ] [ on NetBehaviour ]
you could even wish to take a look at a small blog where i write things [ code ]
or consider browsing among my favourite sites [ here on del.icio.us ] and [ here on StumbleUpon ]

you could also watch how i get serious [ here on LinkedIn ]

and join me in creating enormous networks of people [ on FaceBook ]

what you would discover if you eventually did all that is that the network knows way too much about me. but that’s ok, there’s nothing to hide after all, is there… it’s good to share