Up to now, I have had a professional history of which I am quite satisfied.

I started out as a programmer in 1997, and since then I learned how to use and integrate multiple languages, platforms and frameworks creating software and system architectures for legacy, web, mobile, industrial, commercial and strategic environments.

As a programmer I created games, geographic information systems, location-based platforms, security systems, decision support systems, expert systems, information systems, data center application frameworks, global provisioning services, intelligent enterprise intranets, artificial intelligences.

I also happened to work on peculiar projects, building control software for entire production chains, or complex global fleet coordination systems for logistics, and even intelligent systems used to control robots.

More than once I found myself leading projects, in scales that ranged from teams made from only a few people, up to ones getting 60 or more colleagues involved. I always found project management to be an incredibly stimulating experience, with technical skills only serving for about 20-30% of what is requested from a project manager, the rest being composed by a variable mix of psychology, empathy, teh ability to embrace and enact responsibility, imagination, creativity.

Over the years I worked with various outstanding enterprises, as well as with a few very stimulating companies of smaller sizes. Here’s a small list of the ones I enjoyed more: Zenith, ESRI, Telecom Italia, TI Lab, TIM, TIM International Holding, H3G, Ericsson, Blah!, Telefonica, Siemens, NttDoCoMo, Smart Telecommunications, ANAS, Autostrade per l’Italia, Silicon Graphics, Lego, Ires/CGIL, Blu, SEAT, Consodata.

Projects around the world

Projects around the world

Lately, I am working as a freelance on a series of projects that I find truly stimulating: an expert system for the Italian Ministry of Labour gathering enormous masses of data related to education and job histories of thousands of students, and supporting an incredible research team investigating the global efficiency of the education projects enacted by regional institutions; a series of interaction design projects producing devices and interfaces for natural interaction metaphors and for augmented reality systems; a series of wide scale information systems used to gather all the information data produced by hundreds of  projects and feeding it to enormous infoaesthetic representation systems published in public spaces.

I also participated with AOS to the creation of FakePress, a new form of publishing house focusing on innovative forms of publications designed for devices, architectures, objects and human bodies. I am the president and CTO of FakePress, and you can read more about it HERE.