What is the self?

What happens when this complex cultural apparatus is mediated through algorithms and technologies?

How this transformations affect our public, private and intimate space?

RemixID is a 3 day hands-on workshop to explore the boundary of the self and of the concept of identity in the era of ubiquitous technology, social networks and algorithmic mediation.

At Rampa Lab (Kersnikova 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana) December 4, 5 and 5 2017. (Read more INFO Here)

Starting from a theoretical introduction, participants will be confronted with complex and diffused technologies such as facial recognition and more, using them for different purposes and, in this way, re-writing their codes and social meaning.

At the end of the workshop a collective artwork will be created and exposed in the space of Rampa Lab.

All the softwares and materials used during the software will be released and fully available to participants.

Technical requirements

There are no technical requirements to participate to the workshop, which is open to anyone

We only ask to bring with you:

  • your laptop (if you have one)
  • your smartphone and/or digital cameras (if you have one)
  • a fragment of your self, that said: a fragment of your memory under analog form. It can be a photo, an object, a memory of the past written on a piece of paper, a pair of shoes or socks, or even a digital memory but printed. Something that, for thousand of reasons, you consider a “chunk of you”