Data and information in multiple forms for Art is Open Source during the next few days!

On March 11th we will be at BASE in Milan for the Visualized event, bringing people from all over the world to discuss the latest trends and challenges for Information Visualization.

There we will speak of a new project which we are bringing up with our friends and partners at BASE which involves capturing real-time data from the city and live music (and in the image you can see an installation for it which we’ll have at Visualized, named SoMi, the Sound of Milan). But it’s a surprise and you will have to come to Milan for that :)

The previous day, on March 10th,  we will be in Florence, at ISIA Firenze, for Infografica e Infoestetica, a conference on information visualization and information aesthetics which will discuss critical aspects of information visualization in the age of the spectacularization of data.

Infographics and infoaesthetics at ISIA Florence

Infographics and infoaesthetics at ISIA Florence

This will be particularly meaningful for us, as we will have a chance to gather up with many of the most interesting people dealing with information visualization in education and business in Italy, to try and go beyond the wow factor of information visualization, and see what we have achieved in schools, universities and commercial initiatives, to better understand how infovisualization can have a positive, constructive role in our society, professions, and entertainment.

ISIA Firenze is also the university in which we hold our yearly Near Future Design course, which will start on March 6th, so it will also be the chance to collect some insights about how data and information can be understood and represented in our work.

Come to the events if you’re around! And stay tuned for what comes next.