GhostWriter, our new literary genre, the Algorithmic Autobiography, will be exhibited at the MACRO Museum in Rome for the exhibit “Dall’Oggi al Domani. 24 Ore nell’arte contemporanea” (“From today to tomorrow. 24 hours in contemporary art.”), curated by Antonella Sbrilli and Maria Grazia Tolomeo.

Digital technologies and cultures constitute what is possibly the greatest driver in our perception of time. Ubiquity, non-linearity, moving across time-zones, synchronicity, achronicity, simultaneity, asynchronicity, atemporality: all of these and more are phenomena which are driven to extremes by technologies and networks.

On top of that, the “ubiquitous diaries” which are composed by the algorithms which watch our every move, as they appear in the infosphere through our expressions on social networks, the ways in which we use devices, make transactions, and in many other conscious and unconscious ways, constitute to all effects our “auto-biographies”. Auto in two ways: because we produce them ourselves through our actions, and because they are produced automatically, as interpreted by algorithms, whether we want it or not.

The GhostWriter is, like ordinary, human, ghostwriters, the writer of our autobiographies: the non-human interprets the human and writes it down, producing a new form of publication, and augmented book.

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The exhibit will go on from April 30th to October 2nd 2016 at the MACRO Museum in Rome, in Via Nizza 138.

The Opening will be on April 29th, at 6pm.

About the exhibit

“Dall’oggi al domani. 24 ore nell’arte contemporanea”
Curated by Antonella Sbrilli and Maria Grazia Tolomeo

In collaboration with the Department oh Art History at Sapienza University in Rome. Promoted by Roma Capitale – Soprintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali, and with the contribution of Bulgari.

The path through the exhibit:

The paintings, videos, photographs, loose sheets of paper, notebooks, sounds, embroideries and installations by the artists on show suggest a continuous play with “today”. The following themes emerge from their disposition:

Rhythms: Balla, Cambellotti, Ontani, Paolini, Camoni, Romualdi, Mayr, Patella;

Today, Tomorrow: Boetti, Ceroli, Mattiacci, Spinelli;

Working Days: Opalka, Pietrella, Adami, Blank, Giovannoni, Caccavale;

Dates: On Kawara, Vezzoli, Darboven, Comani;

Special Dates: De Dominicis, Closky, Albani, Sebregondi, Bertozzi&Casoni, Pignotti, Fois;

Calendars: Boetti, Novelli, Miccini, Ori, Ghirri, Abate, Mambor, Mari, Cattelan, Neuenschwander, Camoni;

Diaries: Breakwell, Rubio, AOS (art is Open Source);

Passages: Vaccari, Vautier, Baruchello, Benetta;

24 hours: Almond, Shemilt & Partridge, Camporesi;

Some site specific works will be in the show by: Manfredi Beninati, Daniele Puppi.

The artwork by Giuseppe Caccavale is created with the support of Poste Vita spa.

Catalogue: Manfredi Edizioni, 2016

Here is the press release about the exhibit. (in Italian)

The exhibit will include performances, lectures, roundtables, meeting with the artists and more. Check the program at the MACRO Museum for more info, and on AOS for updates about the initiatives in the show which relate to GhostWriter.