Art is Open Source and ISIA Design Florence will be in Milan at Wired’s NextFest on May 17 for an immersive 8-hours workshop on Near Future Design, and for a performative conversation with Bruce Sterling on the opportunity of materialising possible futures right now, using Design Fiction.

It will also be the chance to launch the first book on Near Future Design published in Italy by our students at ISIA Design Florence, with an introduction by Bruce Sterling. (you can download the book here: )


Near Future Design is a series of practices and methodologies through which we can explore possible futures in participatory ways, highlighting current transformations in human societies, in technologies and in their relations and mutual influences. Through this, we can create Future Maps which describe these possible futures, and use Design Fiction to implement pre-totypes, early prototypes built through actual objects and services, but also through the use of transmedia narratives: the manifestations of these objects and services of our possible future, across different, coordinated media, to make them credible and likely.

As we have highlighted multiple times, in the era of knowledge, information and communication, Near Future Design helps in the construction of the languages, visions and of the imaginaries which will enable us to actually create our futures, hence giving rise to our motto: “The Future does not exist! It’s a Performance!” A performance for all of us, to create our futures with every imaginative action in our daily lives, and for organisations, companies, governments and more, who wish to stimulate people into critically and collaboratively thinking about their preferable, desirable futures, and to actively participate in their construction.

The Workshop at Wired’s NextFest

On May 17th 2014, at 10am, at Wired’s NextFest, in the Aula Magna, Museo di Storia Naturale, (in the “Giardini Indro Montanelli” park, Corso Venezia, 55, Milano, near the Metro station “Palestro“) we will hold an immersive 8-hour workshop on Near Future Design.

We will choose a scenario, create a Future Map, and design our “New Normal”, the future scenario in which our future product/service/action/behaviour will be perceived as being normal, common. We will do it through Transmedia Storytelling: we will enact a coordinated, systematized strategy online, in the streets, on social networks, in shops and, in general, ubiquitously, across digital and physical media, which will make our Design Fiction come alive.

Here is the Workshop’s page on Wired:

Here is the link to register to the workshop:

The Talk

On May 17th 2014, at 7pm, at Wired’s NextFest, in the Red Dome, (in the “Giardini Indro Montanelli” park, Corso Venezia, 55, Milano, near the Metro station “Palestro“) we will hold a talk with Bruce SterlingJasmina Tešanović, Oriana Persico and Salvatore Iaconesi to engage in a performative conversation on Near Future Design and Design Fiction: imagining the objects (and societies) of the future(s).

Learn more about the Talk on Near Future Design here:


The Book

During the talk we will also introduce the first book on Near Future Design published in Italy, with ISIA Design in Florence, featuring the incredible Near Future Designs by our 2013 students.

Learn more about the projects here: Near Future Design at ISIA Florence

Download the Book here:

The book is also distributed via QRCode on the May 2014 edition of Wired Italy, in the article below:

Near Future Design on Wired

Near Future Design on Wired