La Cura will be featured at the 2014 edition of the transmediale festival in Berlin, in the panel “Under the Skin: Revealing Invisible Data“.

La Cura, an Open Source Cure for Cancer

La Cura, an Open Source Cure for Cancer

The panel will be part of the Hashes to Ashes section of the Festival, curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli. It will be moderated by Alessandro Delfanti, and will feature the participation of Salvatore IaconesiPinar Yoldas and Rüdiger Trojok.

During the conversation we will narrate the story of La Cura.

We will highlight the progressive encoding processes of human life that are taking place in the contemporary world, reducing human beings to data and simplified, encoded version of themselves, starting from the growing medicalisation of our societies, and proceeding all the way up to the visions of the Quantified Self and the horizons of BigData, and the impacts they have on our daily lives and on the possibility to express our complexity, preserve our privacy, and more.

Through the scenario of La Cura, we will present the opportunity to break the encoding, reclaim our data and complexity, and bring both back into society: the “patient” becomes a human being, once more.

The result is a p2p oriented transformation. Health moves away from being a service, from being something you buy, and has the opportunity to become something you do, together, as part of a society, of communities, of cultures and of their intersections, exchanges, communication.

We will describe the results, under the forms of new modalities for peer-to-peer welfare, different economies, fuelled by desire and bodies. Replicable, scalable results, across domains and communities.