BigData Cover

BigData Cover

La Cura was recently featured on the journal BigData Vol.1 Issue 3, with an in-depth article and on the journal’s cover (shown above). You can read the article about La Cura here in PDF (an HTML version of the article is available here).

Here is the abstract of the article:

When I was diagnosed with brain cancer, I opened up my medical records to the Web, asking for help. The response was incredible: a global source of crowd-generated information about how to cure my own cancer. This work explores the many issues involved in handling such a peculiar form of information (including privacy, preserving the complexity of the human being, the reliability of responses, and more) and the outcomes of the overall process.

La Cura on BigData, PDF preview

cite as:

S. Iaconesi (2013). “La Cura, An Open Source Cure for Cancer” in BigData, Volume 1, Issue 3, pp.124-129. doi:10.1089/big.2013.0028

“[Critique] does not aim to make possible metaphysics which becomes, in the end, science; its aim is to look as more as possible beyond and beside at the infinite work of freedom.” —M. Foucault, “What is Illuminism”


“Maybe today the most important objective is not to understand what we are, but to refuse it. We must imagine and build what we could be, to drop that political double bind which is constituted by the simultaneous individualization and totalitarianization of the structures of modern powers.

The conclusion might be that the political, ethical, social and philosophical issue today is not to liberate individuals from the State and its institutions, but to free ourselves from the State and from the individualization which is bound to the State. We must promote new ways for subjectivity through the refusal of that kind of individuality which has been imposed to us for so many centuries.” —M. Foucault, “Why Study Power: The Question of the Subject”