Cities Out of Control on Krisis Magazine

Cities Out of Control on Krisis Magazine

The new issue of Krisis MagazineOrientation” is out!

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Among the contributions you will find our “Cities Out of Control“.

Here we wanted to share our point of view on the possibility to define a crisis (a breakdown, to be followed by a new rise) on the ideas about the ways in which we interpret (and control, and govern) our cities.

New modalities, rituals, perceptions have entered our daily lives, through the availability of digital ubiquitous sensorialities through which we perceive the world around us and we orient ourselves, make decisions and decide our tactics: the digital info-scape has merged with the physical landscape, producing a new whole in which multiple (even millions) points of view are constantly at our disposal (through search engines and social media) to support our presence and decisions in our daily lives.

How does orientation mutate? How does governance transform? What is the evolution of our tactics in the city?

S. Iaconesi, L. Simeone, O. Persico, (2013) “Cities out of Control” on Krisis Magazine “Orientation”, AIAP, Brescia, ISBN 9788890583933