Are You at Risk?

Are You at Risk?

Do you remember Nuclear Anxiety?

After one year from the Fukushima disaster we’ve teamed up with Greenpeace International to create an awareness and action campaign on the risks coming from nuclear energy.

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The interactive map shows the locations of nuclear plants all over the world. By clicking on each one of them, detailed information pops up showing how many people live near the reactors and, thus, would find themselves in the same situations as the people who lived in Fukushima when the disaster took place.

(an enormous “thank you!” must be delivered to Declan Butler: he let us use a dataset he published, which was used as the foundation for this wonderful article on  Nature.)

In the campaign we go a step further.

By using the map you can connect to Facebook and Twitter. If you do it, the software grabs the information about your friends/followers and actively searches for the ones who live near nuclear plants (e.g.: the distance of their home location is less than 300km from a reactor).

When it finds them, it alerts them on social networks by tagging them on an image, pointing out the risks of living near a nuclear plant, and inspiring them to go to check out the map.

When you do this, you can browse the map and see additional information appear: the images and names of your social network buddies appear next to each reactor, indicating the people you love who would suffer from an accident in that location.

And, so: Are you at risk?



Art is Open Source: concept, technologies

Salvatore Barbera (Greenpeace International): project management and creative direction

Andrea Pinchi: visual design

Aslihan Tumer and Jan Beránek (Greenpeace International): Nuclear Campaigners


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