AOS is proud to present the REFF AR Drug intervention at the Invisible Pavilion organized by the Liens Invisibles and Simona Lodi at the Venice Biennale!

REFF AR Drug molecule

REFF AR Drug molecule


In the exhibit, visitors will be able to experience and learn more about the molecule that constitutes the REFF AR Drug, the secret for the reinvention of reality.

Here below the info about the exhibit at the Venice Biennial:

The Invisible Pavilion @ Venice Biennial 2011

1 June | 30 November 2011
Location: Giardini, Venice and all over the world on the Internet

Curated by Simona Lodi and Les Liens Invisibles

Opening and press conference and a tour the 1st of June at 5pm, with Manifest.AR(main concourse, in the shade near Belgium Pavilion)

Partecipating artists

The Invisible Pavilion is an uninvited, experimental, hallucinatory augmented reality experience that will function for the duration of the Venice Art Biennale as a squatted stage on which a performative flow of digital-based works of art will fill the whole area of the Giardini.

The main purpose of the project is to fill the augmented space of the Biennal with a stream of signs and symbols,in an attempt to emphasize the flowing condition of producing art in the “always-on” age.

All the people with a smart-phone (iPhone or any other Android-based phone) in the area of the Giardini in the Biennale, will be able to move around the traditional pavilions and watch through the phone screens to another immaterial/invisible exhibition using the popular app Layar.

During the period of Venice Art Biennale (June – November 2011) a group of selected international artists have been invited to give their personal contribute to the project, performatively contribute posting multimedia pieces that should reinterpret somehow the public space of the Biennale and its symbolic aura in the field of contemporary art. The art pieces will be visible also on the Internet on the Invisible Pavilion website.

As Simona Lodi says in the curatorial text, “The Invisible Pavilion is a hallucinatory experience of rewriting the world, an encouragement to increase the whirl and flow of information on invisible r/Reality.  The Invisible Pavilion contains a r/Reality that is open and spontaneous, drawn and analysed from shared data. The double r reflects its double connotation—the lower case r refers to the everyday reality that we all know; the upper case R to a proprietary name, the augmented Reality that is produced.“