On March 21st 2011, Art is Open Source held a lesson at ISIA Florence on the theme:

ISIA Florence Logo

ISIA Florence Logo

“Cross Media design scenarios: smartphones and tablets”

The workshop engaged the problems, approaches, methodologies and processes that designers can use in imagining, designing and implementing cross media design products.
Some energies were used to describe really interesting scenarios that allow  using cross media design to implement solutions that are useful not only for business, but also for society, the environment and the cultural ecosystem, promoting a more tolerant, multicultural, sustainable take on the world.
These are the slides that have been used in the workshop, complete with a full end-to-end example of the creation of a location based application for iPhone/iPad.


You can find all the info here at Art is Open Source:

There is also a ZIP archive of the full XCODE project used in class:

Platforms used: