While in London we are starting our actions toward the diffusion of critical practices that use ubiquitous technologies to enact autonomous, free forms of expression.

Today we have been at Goldsmiths University to perform a workshop on the REFF project and to present the free tools that FakePress has been distributing during the last few months:

MACME: a cross-media publishing system that enables WordPress blogs to publish content using location based media, QRCodes and Augmented Reality, generating not only the markers needed to disseminate multimedia content on spaces, objects and bodies, but also PDFs and ePub formatted ebooks.

KNOWNERS: a WordPress plugin that transforms a blog into a knowledge visualization and sharing system

BLUETOOTH WARS: a live Linux distro that turns a laptop into a mobile multimedia broadcasting station that can be used to invade entire cities with contents and information

All these projects will be released in just a few days: stay tuned for updates.

And also watch out for the opening of the REFF exhibit in London at Furtherfield Gallery, on Feb. 25th 2011.

Stay tuned!