Just back from transmediale festival in Berlin we present you with the first results of the CoS, Consciousness of Streams project.

CoS, Consciousness of Streams

CoS, Consciousness of Streams

CoS, Consciousness of Streams has been an incredible experience!

CoS is a cross media publication by FakePress creating a realtime, emergent, multiauthor emotional map of the world by using ubiquitous technologies and natural interfaces.

Created by FakePress and Art is Open Source for the 2011 edition of the Transmediale festival in Berlin, CoS will be FakePress’ next publication.

With numbers such as 35000 active authors, 230000 emotions, 4 source continents and more than 300 urban locations, CoS is a massive project! It is probably one of the most widespread publications made by a publishing house, and the experience is not over, with people from all over the world being able to continue adding to the book by using the ubiquitous interfaces which we have provided on the web, smartphones and dedicated kiosks called Disseminated Nodes.

As all publications by FakePress, CoS is an experiment in creating new forms of “books”, whose main characteristic is to be platforms for the expression of multiple authors (potentially every human being can be a CoS author). Each book is released together with the software/hardware platform used to create it, licensed under GPL3 schemes.

During transmediale, the CoS platform and the concepts behind its design, have been analyzed together with the visitors of the festival: 6 workshops totalling more than 24 hours of education and knowledge sharing processes have been presented to various groups of festival visitors.

From this activity, more than 6 projects will directly spawn from the CoS platform.

here is a short video from the CoS Headquarter in transmediale, taken on the last day of the festival:

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