REFF’s first incursion in the cities of the world was a complete success!

Massimo Canevacci performing with the REFF crew [photos by Shoot4Change]

Massimo Canevacci performing with the REFF crew photos by Shoot4Change

meeting on a rainy but beautiful evening, we gathered at the Libreria Flexi in the heart of the city of Rome. After a short discussion making sure that everyone knew what we were doing, we headed out into the city and put the first augmented reality, tagged, disseminated exhibition of REFF’s artists.

REFF Remix the world, reinvent reality [photos by Shoot4Change]

REFF Remix the world, reinvent reality photos by Shoot4Change

Together with us organizing everything were the fantastic Shoot4Change crew, taking care of cristallizing through pictures the invasion of the city, the Hub Roma, helping us to create a convergence of innovators, creatives, designers and artists wishing to experiment new forms of expression and communication.

Also with us was Massimo Canevacci: back from Brasil where he is now teaching and remixing himself quite a lot, our friend, companion and inspiration introduced us to the ideas of Design eXpanso, describing the scenarios in which any act of expression and communication becomes an act that is disseminated through time and space, invading the contemporary metropolis with information and using ubiquitous technologies and nomadic practices.

We were more than happy to subscribe to Canevacci’s visualization of this new form of design (and politics, and anthropology, and communication, and poetics, and…)¬† and started our invasion of the city, happily expressing our views on the world.

Some pictures of the event here on Art is Open Source, more on the Shoot 4 Change website, and soon the video coverage of our master videomaker and dear friend Gianmarco Bonavolontà.

Thanks to everyone that came and to everyone that didn’t come but was with us with attitude and emotion.

[click here to see full photo coverage by Shoot 4 Change]