angel_F new website

angel_F new website

We just released a new website for our little Angel_F, so that you’ll all be able to check out the updates as well as the little AI kid’s stream of thoughts.

The website uses a minimal WordPress theme which we created. It is released under a GPL2 license, so you can download it here if you want to use or modify it.

It has 4 columns that you can configure using the Theme options on your WordPress dashboard: the first 3 can be assigned to three post categories, the fourth one is for the sidebar or, if you don’t have any widgets configured on it, it shows your blogroll and links.

The footer hosts nicely laid out boxes into which you can write anything you like. Modify the “footer.php” file to configure its contents. We provided small boxes (so that 6 of them can line up in the footer) and a wide one, which we’re currently using to describe the licensing of the content.

Make sure to configure the options, otherwise the plugin will be blank.

Download the Angel_F WordPress Theme