Disegno Industriale 39

Disegno Industriale 39

The new issue of Disegno Industriale is out, , focused on Interaction Design.

You can check it out here. There’s also an article I wrote about John Maeda and the great influence he had on creativity through computing.

Hope you enjoy it.

Here is a short summary and the index:

From designing the shape of objects to shaping the design of behaviours: next issue will explore interaction as a form to design in order to shape a world which can be more intelligent and friendly. After high-tech, technology hides itself within our artificial world, in order to become ane everyday presence.”

Tonino Paris
Dipendenze tecnologiche
Technology Addiction
Derrick de Kerckhove | Donald Norman | Bruce Sterling
Augmented Design
Lorenzo Imbesi
Troy Nachtigall
Salvatore Iaconesi
Silvio Cioni
L’Oggetto dell’Interazione
The Object of Interaction
Luca Simeone
Oltre l’interazione naturale
Beyond Natural Interaction
Lorenzo Imbesi
Is This Your Future?
Loredana Di Lucchio
La fabbrica dell’ingegno
The mind factory
Carlo Ratti | Assaf Biderman | Eugenio Morello | Francisca Rojas
Federico Casalegno
Pervasive and Mobile
Patrizia Scarzella
La dimensione invisibile del design
The hidden dimension of design
Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
Mighty Mouse