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Angel_F on uchronia

Angel_F on uchronia

an update on our little artificial kid, Angel_F. Our young AI is continuing its life among people, shifting its digital attention from the research on innovative business models to the experiments on contemporary forms of identity in this post-industrial world.

The performance is ongoing, and you all will have a couple of surprises coming up in just a bit.

How would you fancy a p2p digital ecosystem designed to be truly autonomous, allowing people to freely manage their identities, contents, businesses, without the control of the ISP? Or a new form of narrative? Or, even, a totally new form of business model?

Just wait :)

in the meanwhile, our friend Leo Sorge has publised a couple of articles on our little artificial child, after we met at the Più Libri Più Liberi event in Rome.

The first one about Angel_F itself, the second one analyzing NeoRealismo Virtuale.

Thanks Leo! :)

And happy reading to you all.