I am pretty happy about this one.

When you access del.icio.us Poetry a software uses del.icio.us most recent bookmarks page to gather all the links that have been saved in the last few minutes, and opens them up.

All together. On the page you are looking at.

Aesthetically, this i squite hypnotizing and amusing, as you’ll see compositions forming using what the people like or use the most in that exact moment: be it pornography or how-tos or news.

Computationally, it will probabily hang your browser.

Politically and phylosophically, it is just plain wonderful.

The beauty of it comes from the fact that search engines try to index del.icio.us Poetry, just like any other webpage. So what they phisically do is indexing a page that, in that exact moment, is filled with the web content that is, roughly, the most popular on the web.

Turning he work into a search engine superstar. As you will find out by simply searhing for it on, for example, Google.

Anoher nice trick that comes out is that statistic codes of the web pages sucked in get squatted, breaking down many of the logics through which web access statistics are calculated, and people tracked on the web.

You will find del.icio.us Poetry marked around as a spyware, as a viagra selling machine, as a virus. It’s an artwork criticising some of the mechanisms ruling web content and user tracking, through a lovely chaotic page.

see it at:

> website
[CAUTION: it may hang your browser]

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