The GoM is a software god ruling a universe of singing automas.
A mystical installation

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GoM is the god.

Its reality is contained inside a personal computer. It
rules multiple universes populated by software automas (the

GoM is a good god: it feeds its people with his Vision,
allowing them to rejoice in the happiness of such divine
food, by singing.

The GoM sits at the center of the multiverse, listening to
its happy automatas.

GoM converts the computer inputs in the Vision.

Different automas have different sensibilities: some like
specific colors, some are greedy of variations, some prefer
to be fed on constant compact colors, some just love noise.

The observer can watch the life of the multiverse, and thus
join the GoM in listening to the automatas singing their

Or he can concentrate on the mythology: as the code has
an important role in GoM:

while being read, it is the description of the multiverse
(it is the Sacred Book of the multiverse: its genesis, the
laws of the god, the myths.. );

while being executed, it IS the multiverse itself.

The bible (and the other sacred scriptures!) had been this
precise, human life and history would have been much easier..