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Art is Open Source, AOS, is an informal network born in 2004 to promote artistic, creative and critical practices emerging with the rise and diffusion of digital technologies and networks.

AOS operates interdisciplinarily across universities and research institutes, businesses and associations, critical collectives and extreme practitioners in arts and design to formulate and enact new possibilistic scenarios for personal and social expression, autonomy and empowerment, promoting innovative approaches to the environment, to (multi)cultural interaction and to the creation of real, sustainable and socially responsible opportunities.

Art is Open Source was born from an idea when xDxD.vs.xDxD (Salvatore Iaconesi) decided to invade the city of Rome with a totally open-sourced digital arts festival in 2004 at the LinuxClub, in times when digital arts were not at all widespread and in which the critical practices connected to hacking, net art and performance were not widely understood or, even, known by Rome’s general public.

AOS interconnected many of these expressions in a continuous 4 months festival and then, at the end of it, continued on in its creative and constructive action through performance, art, academics, and the serial (re)invention of successful alternative business/economic and social models.

AOS focuses on “squatting” as a methodology.

Contemporary world is layered among stratifications that are fluidly digital and analogic, with technologies progressively pervading bodies, architectures, objects and minds.

Spaces, places, times and imaginaries can be occupied (squatted) by breaking the codes that entirely configure the world as we know it, and adding parts of reality in-between them, in the spaces that form among the codes: creating new ones, producing them not from the logics of hierarchy and control, but from the ones of freedom of expression, autonomy, opportunity, communication and tolerance.

We see this as an opportunity for reinvention, for taking everything apart and reassembling it in other forms, remixing reality, reinventing the present in ways that are sustainable, tolerant and enjoyable.

Since 2007 AOS is led by xDxD.vs.xDxD together with penelope.di.pixel, forming the most wonderful, playful, elastic, bouncy, coloured and beautiful forms of artistic/political/social/creative action that we can think of.

Starting in 2009 AOS contributed to the creation of FakePress, a peculiar publishing house that does not publish any books, but focuses on emergent, multiauthor, cross-medial publications imagined for bodies, architectures and objects.

PRIVACY POLICY for Art is Open Source and related websites

At Art is Open Source we don’t store any of your information. Some cookies and information are gathered by the WordPress CMS and by the Google Analytics which we use on the various pages of this website. We don’t use any of this information for any purpose other than allow you to have a good browsing experience and, on the analytics side, to try and understand if you all are enjoying what we write, and to understand how we can improve our totally non-profit activity so that it becomes more useful and informative for you. If you have any doubts or suggestions about privacy and safety issues, please contact us.

contact AOS at info@artisopensource.net

or via mail at:

Art is Open Source

c/o Salvatore Iaconesi

via G. Ghislieri 14

00152 Rome



skype: xdxdVSxdxd

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