On June 28 and 29, the city of Brussels will host NetFutures 2017, the biggest conference co-organized by the European Commission to explore the future of Internet, economy and society.

Art is Open Source and HER will be part of the STARTS – Science Technologies and the Arts pavilion.

STARTS is a program supported by the European Commission which was launched in 2014 to encourage synergies between Arts, innovation, technology and society, inside Horizon 2020 programmes and projects.

We will present BodyQuake, the most recent project of La Cura, which was co-authored with Francesca Fini and a wide international network spanning from research to video live performance.

“In BodyQuake, data from epileptic seizures is visualized for scientific research and for artistic performance, and becomes a shared immersive experience”


The pavilion, curated by Martine-Nicole Rojina (Mpathy), will feature performances, artworks and exhibits united in the exploration of new possible scenarios in which art, design and research come together in unprecedented ways, mixing pioneers, performers and students.


Among them, ISIA Firenze, in collaboration with Nefula, will present The Futures of Work.

The Futures of WOrk: cover by Nefula

The Futures of Work: cover by Nefula

The exhibit is the result of the Transmedia Design course held by Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico – taking part to the pavilion both as professors and artists –  in which students learn and apply a complex Near Future Design Methodology to detect weak signals and interpret them as possible evolutive tensions in our societies to  design “new normals“, the new normalities of the near future, using Design Fictions and Transmedia Narratives.

What happens when my boss is an algorithm? In a world where work is increasingly managed by platforms, algorithms determine your salary day by day, minute by minute. Nothing is certain. With Karmachine you can press a button to know how much you will earn today.

Also in the exhibit is the collection “Fashion On Brainwaves“, by Jasna Rok, which uses brainwaves to animate futuristic clothes: from IoT to fashion design to artistic expression, new opportunities form products and whole industries.



Then All_Che_Me (by PERMEABLE), which is an immersive performance in which brainwaves create a dialogue between light, music and dance. Musicians and performers are connected to each other, generating light sculptures.



All of it together in a synesthetic environment.

To inject possibilistic imaginaries about our co-evolution with ubiquitous technologies and networks.