Monsters in the Machine

At Laboral, in Gijón, Asturias, La Cura meets the Monsters in the Machine, the exhibit and program which explores the updates of the “monster” and of the “machine” in Mary Shelley‘s Frankenstein‘s  anniversary.

La Cura participates to the exhibit through a generative video which is created by harvesting many of the hundreds of thousands of contributions to La Cura in 2012. The video was created during La Cura Festival. For Monsters in the Machine the video was transformed into an installation.

La Cura Everything, the Video

La Cura Everything, the Video

The exhibit will go on from November 18th 2016 to May 21st 2017.

There is also a program of related activities during the whole show.

We will participate to these activities with a workshop on March 1st-4th 2017: “La cura está en la sociedad”.

(we will have more info about the workshop soon)

Monsters in the Machine, image

Monsters in the Machine, image


November 21st, 2016

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