Come In Cielo Così in Terra
Come In Cielo Così in Terra

Come In Cielo Così in Terra


On Friday May 18th we will be in Milan, at Meltingpot for the Come in Cielo Così in Terra Workshop.

Come in Cielo Così in Terra (translates to: “on earth as it is in Heaven”, reminding of the christian prayer “Our father”), is an Astro Workshop on Ubiquitous Publishingcreative coding, augmented reality, open source, iOS/Android apps and urban psycho-geographies.

An astro psycho-geographic walk to re-map the city in search of the constellations inscribed in streets and crossroads.

The dimensions of above and below, the axes of shy and earth, invert: starts project onto urban space.

Using simple and accessible location-based technologies workshop participants will be invited to search for the shapes of constellations in the urban geographies that surround them, to recreate them by traversing the city.

Participants will form groups and each of them will choose a constellation.

Each group will embrace a mobile device and head out into the city, trying to recreate the constellation’s shape by drawing it onto the city by walking and generating a GPS trace.

Maps will be populated in real-time with the urban constellations drawn by the movements of the different groups.

At the end of the astro-urban-promenade the images of the city-filled-with-stars will be shown through a real-time generative video installation.

The workshop includes training to learn how to use the technologies and platforms that will be used in the process.

All used technologies are released under open licenses (GPL3) and, thus, participants (and everyone else interested) will be able to use them for their own practices.

The workshop will begin at 10:30 and will end at 18:30, for a total of 8/9 hours, followed by the astro-urban-promenade.

The address is

Meltingpot, Cantiere Creativo

Via San Barnaba 48,

at the Società Umanitaria,


Check out the website of Meltingpot, Cantiere Creativo for the details, requirements, costs and other useful materials (it is in italian; make sure to contact us should you need additional information)

April 22nd, 2012

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  • titaka says:

    Bella storia, grandi

    Ci terrei a precisare che esiste però una traduzione alternativa, di stampo scientifico e non religioso, ovvero “as above so below”

    Per la precisa precisione del precisabile ;)

    A big hug
    ciao :)

  • xDxD.vs.xDxD says:

    :) absolutely! ma vuoi mettere con un bel padrenostro e 5 avemaria? c’è una mailinglist dei papaboyZ?!? li punkizziamo un po’!

  • titaka says:

    Dopo la confessione? XD

    Oggi pome la parrocchia di S. Giovanni Apostolo ha occupato lo spartitraffico sotto casa ns con chitarre, bonghi e tamburelli e tanto di ampli e microfono per annunciarsi al ns quartiere di miscredenti… La vedo dura punkizzarli ma nulla è impossibile e tutto è I’M POSSIBLE yeah! :)

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