mindtrek 2011

Leaf++ will be presented at Mindtrek 2011, in Tampere, Finland.

mindtrek 2011

mindtrek 2011

from the conference website:

15th MindTrek Conference and the International Academic Conference

The MindTrek Association hosts MindTrek as an annual conference. The Academic MindTrek conference has been a part this unique set of events comprising competitions, world-famous keynote speakers, plenary sessions, media festivals and workshops, since 1997. It is a meeting place where experts and thinkers present results from their latest work regarding the development of Internet, interactive media, and the information society. MindTrek brings together researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines that are involved in the development of media in various fields, ranging from sociology and the economy, to technology. The main themes presented in the conference are from fields of social media, ambient and ubiquitous media, digital gaming, open source, media business, media production and media management.

August 5th, 2011

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